Koh Phangan is a stunning island in the south of Thailand, with pristine beaches, fantastic food and unbeatable scenery. And now it can also boast world-class ice bath and breathwork training — making it the perfect place for anyone looking to reset and recharge.

Ice Bath Koh Phangan

Cold exposure using ice baths is…

Phuket is a beautiful island city in Thailand. Tourists throng it for its stunning natural beauty and monastic religion. The pristine white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and sky leave everyone in awe. Beaches aside, this place has an unmissable charm to itself.

And now it also offers Wim Hof…

The buzzing city of Bangkok offers magnificence in all its quarters. The historically and culturally rich cosmopolitan city offers a larger-than-life grandeur making it an irresistible destination for global tourists. Indeed a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

From religious sites to historical sites, there is no end to beautiful…

Wim Hof Method Thailand

Information and resources for Wim Hof Method in Thailand

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